Racing Across UK for Cancer Charity

We’re in the pink after securing a contract to supply 22 Race for Life fundraisers across the north of England.

Our team is travelling coast to coast erecting start and finish lines at Cancer Research UK events, stretching from Cleethorpes to Liverpool.

Working with main contractor, Wernick Event Hire, we are installing pedestrian barrier, gantries, stages and information signs at the women only 5km races. Our contract includes some of the busiest courses in the series, including Manchester, Hull and Sheffield, which attract several thousand participants and spectators.

Race for Life is a well established fundraiser and the number of events has grown steadily, along with the amount of participants. It is vital that we have a uniform crowd control system that offers brand awareness for the charity and its sponsors, causes minimum disruption to the affected area and is clearly visible among large numbers of people.

Pedestrian barrier is used for low to medium crowd control. The one piece panels can be deployed quickly, interlocked to provide a continual fencing line and stacked when not in use. For more information, contact our expert team on 0844 870 9802.