Gantries and Bespoke Structures

Over the past Summer we have provided a number of gantries to our existing clients as part of the overall package we already currently offer. We use truss to create the gantries since it gives us flexibility to be able to match clients requirements and often enable the client to use their existing branding. This helps them reduce the costs of changing supplier and prevents them being ties to a supplier due to their gantry sizes.

We can pre build the gantry and move it into position if your site is dependant on road closures enabling the deployment to its final location to be quicker thus reducing the build time. We have also supplied 4m towers which have their ballast within the footprint enabling the structure to be fully branded with no external ‘ugly’ ballast visible. We have now invested in 2 gantry structures for the 2017 season ensuring that the quality of equipment supplied is second to none.

We also have a close relationship with a branding company and can also provide your branding as part of our package.

Bike Racking

As part of our 2016 season we were asked to supply racking for over 3000 bikes by one of our existing clients. Our inhouse manufacturing department were able to design and manufacture the frames and poles in time for the event in September including stillages enabling safe and secure deployment.

The frame and rack is made out of galvanised steel with all poles bolted into position to provide an extremely strong structure. We found that some other bike racks relied on gravity alone to locate the tubes. This is fine on flat areas but when the ground is uneven we needed to have a system of leveling the racks and having lockable legs allows you to drop one leg more than the other.

We now stock over 500 number pole and frame sets which enable us to cater for the larger cycling or triathlon events. Since we have also added gantries to our portfolio we are able to offer a wider range of products for the mass participation sporting events.