Heras Fencing

Anti climb fencing

Standing 2m high by 3.5m wide, our GS7 anti climb fencing has a special close mesh aperture that is ideal for areas accessed by the general public.

Convenient and secure

Suitable for low to medium crowd densities, the panels can by used to secure areas at events or create a back stage compound, thanks to the three key elements in its anti climb system – the panel itself, a foot or block and the coupler.

Heras fencing is portable and can be deployed quickly. It is also available with special sections, such as pedestrian gates, vehicle gates, backstays and anti lift devices to form a secure line on virtually any terrain.

Our fencing ranges

  • Hoarding (2m high by 2m wide)
  • High hoarding (2.5m high by 2m wide)
London Marathon Start Area

London Marathon Start Area

To find out more about our heras fencing and its availability, contact our expert team on 0844 870 9802.

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